CUT-5779/1/15 (Cutwork-Cotton-Yellow)

This dress has designed cut pieces of peach and green color over a yellow cotton base suit.
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5,000.00 (PKR)
Product Categorie: Cut Work
Product Code: CUT-5779/1/15
Colour: Yellow
Fabric: Cotton
2.5 mtr Duppatta; 3 mtr Shirt (Unstitched); 2.5 mtr Shalwar
Type of work: Cut Work (Ralli)
Origin:  Jamra, Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan

Cutwork appliqué (tukwari; tuk jo kaam), on a whole, is the name given to the decorative technique of applying a shape, design or motif of one fabric onto a background made of a different fabric and it is one of the richest art traditions of Pakistan, known more famously by the name of Ralli Work.

It is made under the influence of Hunar Banae Zindagi, a project of Working Women Welfare Trust, an NGO working for Women Empowerment. The basic purpose of the project  Hunar Bane Zindagi is to provide income generating opportunities to underprivileged rural women by making use of their excellent hand work skills.

The price received will be used as a source of betterment of rural women.